Act Now to Save Funding for Schools!

If the Ohio Senate does not pass House Bill 318 by the end of the year, Ohio‘s public schools could lose $851 million in state funding. A cut of that magnitude would jeopardize an additional $1.5 billion in federal stimulus money and could create a $2.3 billion budget reduction for education over the next two years.   Please contact your State Senator and tell them to support House Bill 318.

Here is a sample letter you could send to your state senators:
I’m writing to ask you to support the House-passed version of House Bill 318.  Freezing income tax rates at 2008 levels is the best option for fixing the budget shortfall.

At stake is a total of $2.3 billion in state and federal aid for our schools.  This equates to roughly a 10-15 percent reduction to each school district in current funding.  This will force our district to reduce learning opportunities for students and lead to further elimination of education employees.

I urge quick passage of the House-passed version of House Bill 318, so that Ohio can continue to improve educational opportunities for our children and maintain critical support for primary and secondary education.

— Matt Slain, Community Engagement Coordinator, Young Audiences


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