A Summer Job That Changes Lives

May 12, 2010

Here at Young Audiences our staff was blown away by an essay we received from a Cleveland student who is applying for a job with ArtWorks, our summer arts internship program for high school students.

This is what he wrote in his application about why he wants an job with ArtWorks:

What I’d really like to be able to do is to make enough money to move my grandparents out of the getto and into a neighborhood where gunfire is not the norm and drug deals are not being done on every street corner and vacant house…. I know that I’d never be able to earn enough in one summer, but it could be a start while keeping my eye on the big prize.  Everyone should have a goal in life and that is mine.  They took me in when I needed a place to live and I’d like to be there for them, to help make things easier for them.  Although they said that they don’t want my money that’s my dream and a summer job is a start.

Each summer, the students that we hire represent an amazing cross-section of our region.  They come from all socio-economic backgrounds, as well as private, public, and parochial schools.  The students spend six weeks earning a wage and learning job skills through the arts.   For many this is their first real job and job application process.

The reasons why people apply to ArtWorks vary greatly.  Here is an excerpt from another student’s essay about why she wants to be in ArtWorks:

I would like to participate in ArtWorks because of my passion for the arts and because I am interested in a future career in Neurology.  After watching several specials on neurological disorders such as autism, I was amazed how art was very therapeutic for the children.  I know for me coloring is very soothing if I feel stressed. I would like to have more experience in art as I explore a career in Neurology.

We know that for the students who participate in ArtWorks, this summer job represents more than just a wage and valuable job experience.  It could be a life-changing opportunity.

This year Young Audiences received over 400 applications for the 2010 ArtWorks program.  We conducted in-person interviews a couple of weeks ago and sent acceptance letters to 119 deserving and lucky students last week.  But there were more qualified applicants than we could afford to hire. With additional funding, we can provide  an amazing  job training experience to more area students.

Let us know if you can help! Call 216-561-5005 if you want to sponsor an ArtWorks student this summer or email info@yaneo.org.