Help Us Get 5,000 Signatures to Mayor Jackson

It is vital that the next Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO understands the importance a strong arts education.   Education in and through the arts provides opportunities for students to learn vital 21st Century skills like problem solving, collaboration, and creative & critical thinking.

YOU have a chance to make your voice heard!

Please help Young Audiences collect 5,000 signatures in support of a PRO Art Education CEO, to send to Mayor Frank Jackson and the selection committee.  A CEO that recognizes the value of the arts in our students’ education is the right choice for our students.  Click here to sign the petition. And please tell all your friends.

Thank you!


One Response to Help Us Get 5,000 Signatures to Mayor Jackson

  1. Judy Kean says:

    Today I had the pleasure of working with Sherry Ferrato at “Gross Schechter School” teaching 5 classes on how to make kaleidoscopes. The kids were great and they learned how to work with geometry with mirrors and reflection. Hope to be a part of Young Audiences teaching program in the future!

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