A Year Full of Sunshine

June 29, 2011

Young Audiences was at the Dunham Tavern Museum Barn last week for its annual meeting.  The garden was colorful and beautiful, and the barn was a cheerful and perfect place to celebrate our organization’s accomplishments and the wonderful people who’ve  done so much for arts education.

Dunham Tavern Museum Barn

One of our annual meeting rituals (since 1998!) is to give Sunshine Awards to individuals or organizations that have shown outstanding dedication to Young Audiences and arts education.  This year Young Audiences trustees Ann Ginn,

Suzanne Westlake, Margaret Krudy, Anne Ginn

Margaret Krudy and Suzanne Westlake were recognized with Sunshine Awards for their leadership with so many successful benefits that they chaired for Young Audiences over the last few years.

Beth Hoffman

Beth Hoffman received an Sunshine Award for her 20+years of service to Young Audiences as a board member as well as member and chair of the Program Committee.  Beth observed many artists working in schools, helping Young Audiences maintain the highest standards of quality.

Bob Frank and Gary Adams

Sunshine Awards went to three Young Audiences artists who have been on the roster for 30 years (EACH!): Gary Adams, tuba player and leader of the Metropolitan Brass Quintet; Bob Frank, bluegrass musician extraordinaire and leader of theHotfoot Duo; and Janet Pemberton, percussionist from Battu and best known in the schools as the Drum Lady. These three artists have brought their music and talent to thousands of children in Northeast Ohio.  Thank you!

Cathy Fischer and Katie Solender

Cathy Fischer and Katie Solender

Young Audiences also recognized the winner of the 2011 Arts Integrated Lesson Plan Contest, Cathy Fischer, Elementary Gifted Specialist at North Ridgeville City Schools, for her  lesson plan is titled “Island of the Future.” Cathy lesson plan uses visual art to teach English Language Arts and Social Studies and is a fun, cross-disciplinary project that helps students understand the organization of a civilization and government.  Thanks to Ms. Fischer for sharing her creative ideas with the entire community!

Several students from Woodbury Elementary School in Shaker Heights were recognized for winning the Young Audiences 2011 Student Art Contest.

Student Art Contest Winners

Student Art Contest Winners

Each student created mixed media artwork inspired by Greg Mortenson’s book Listen to the Wind.  Woodbury art teacher Deanna Clemente Milne and the Pennies for Peace committee at the school organized the entry. The winning artwork will be incorporated into the design of our new program guide and 7,000 copies will be mailed to educators across Northeast Ohio this fall.