Glass fusion workshop hits the bullseye

March 23, 2012
As a member of Young Audiences Education Committee and a former art teacher, Sharon Aunschman had the privilege of participating in “Learning Science through the Arts of Glass Fusion,” a Professional Development Workshop for teachers presented by visual artist Sheree Ferrato. The majority of participants were art teachers, but science teachers were also represented. Now, picture a bullseye with its concentric rings focused on a center point.  
This experience hit the bullseye!
Supported by a grant from the Community Foundation of Lorain County, the workshop exemplified the Four Signature Core Elements of arts learning espoused by Young Audiences. 
Understanding the Art Form: Participants were introduced to the glass fusion process through a well articulated discussion focusing on Sheree’s professional background in glass art. She included technical resources and educator guides developed by Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon. She stressed the connection of science to the development of a fused glass piece.

Experiencing an Art Form: Samples of Sheree’s work were distributed to participants so that they could see the methodology at work. Since this workshop took place at Sheree’s Verite Glass Studio, many examples were available for study.Image

Creating in an Art Form:  Every teacher was provided materials to make their own fused glass plates and pendants. Sheree enthusiastically supported their efforts. She offered personalized advice throughout this stage. The kilns were firing so that we could peek into them to note scientific and aesthetic changes occurring during the process.


Connecting the Art Form to Other ImageExperiences:  This element was the most important aspect of this workshop. I was thrilled to observe networking taking place among participants. A high school art teacher and chemistry teacher participated with the intent to proceed with grant proposals involving the integration of art and science standards. Other art teachers with experience in the art form offered their services to participants lacking the necessary tools and kilns.  As the participants exited, I heard many ideas being thrown about. They left wanting more!

And as for me, I can’t wait to see what I made!  


Photos by Barry Rowland




Young Audiences 3/10/12 Glass Fusion

March 23, 2012

Young Audiences 3/10/12 Glass Fusion