The Half-Way Point

Our apprentices have been working hard at the Tri-C Metro site for 3 weeks now, and we have just 3 more weeks to go! Thank you to everyone who came to our open house this past Tuesday, and make sure to put on your calendars the date for our Final Exhibition (August 1st, 6 pm)! Here’s a little look at what some of our co-ops have been working on:

In the Media and Recoding Arts co-op, twelve immensely talented students gather under the direction of the MTA Guy Cocchiarale to collaborate and spearhead musical and recording projects. Cuyahoga Community College has graciously given our co-op complete access to state of the art recording equipment, that allows the twelve students to productively and proficiently create songs that express their talents and feelings.  The talent in the group ranges from experienced audio engineers, to musicians with their own successful bands. In three weeks time, the co-op has written, recorded, and produced nine original songs, as well as various other media recordings, and covers. All of our original work is available for listening at

Last week’s Theatre co-op collaboration with Art Installation was fantastic. We asked local bystanders what they would do if the world were ending and had one day left to live.  Their responses we turned into amazing improvised scenes!  Also, on the same day, we each sat down with strangers and interviewed them and asked them stories about their life.  We’re currently in the process of turning these stories into performance pieces. Here are some pics of the Theatre co-op in action!

We found a volunteer!

Improvising a scene!


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