ArtWorks Sound Bites: Dance Co-Op

The apprentices from the Dance Co-Op of Fall ArtWorks took class and rehearsal with the dancers of the Performance Ensemble from the School of Dancing Wheels. The two groups will be working together for the remainder of the semester and will culminate their relationship with a dual performance on December 14th at the Cleveland Museum of Art at 7pm. The dance company/ co op Unveil, as they named themselves, has shared some of their thoughts about working with Dancing Wheels:

My experience with Dancing Wheels was great. I learned that it’s people first. It was nice to meet and dance with students and people with disabilities. They weren’t as different as anyone else. It was fun to see and learn how it feels to be in a wheelchair and having to use all of your upper body strength. I can’t wait to go back and dance with Dancing Wheels again! – Najeder

I enjoyed moving with the dancers with disabilities,and I was inspired by how they and the whole company don’t let their disabilities hold them back! I really learned not to be discouraged or let something hold me back in


Olivia, Dance ArtWorks Apprentice (photo taken by Photography Apprentices)

dance or in life. I loved everybody’s positive attitudes and learning how to ride and move in the wheels chairs! -Olivia

As I walked into the Dancing Wheels studio, I was hesitant, nervous for new experience and excited for new friends. Once I saw Motion teaching hip-hop, I thought it was all over. I have no rhythm. Hip-hop is not my favorite style of dance, but Motion helped me understand how to move. Once we started to interact with the dancers with disabilities, I was amazed. They were keeping up with all standing dancers phenomenally. Some could retain better then I could. Then we tried getting in their shoes, or I should say chairs. The experience was eye opening and extremely fun. I am ecstatic I have that memory and anticipating the next visit to be just as great – Samantha

Sami, Dance ArtWorks Apprentice (photo taken by Photography Apprentices)

Samantha, Dance ArtWorks Apprentice (photo taken by Photography Apprentices)

So, please SAVE THE DATE! On December 14th at 7 PM, you can see the Dance Co-Op LIVE with Dancing Wheels at the Cleveland Museum of Art! It’s a performance that is not to be missed.


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