ArtWorks Sound Bites: Poetry Co-Op

The Poetry ArtWorks Co-Op has certainly been busy. Hear from Yixuan, a Poetry Artworks Apprentice, about what they’ve been up to!

Cleveland WorkingThings have been going quite well in the land of the poetry co-op; our main project this session has been a compilation of poems based on interviews of ordinary working Clevelanders. This undertaking is, fittingly enough, called Cleveland Working, and so far we’ve interviewed quite a number of people already, comprising a full range of occupations from cupcake-bakery owner to security guard. We’ve based it all on the assumption that everyone has a story to tell, and so far they have yet to disappoint.

poetryco-op zane 029The poetry, in a variety of styles, will be featured in our co-op’s chapbook (along with photos helpfully provided by the photography co-op) as well as the culminating performance on December 18th.

Lately, though, we’ve taken a bit of a break from career interviews and writing new works in order to polish our existing poetry so that they’ll be ready for the publishing and performance. The one major exception to this is a new project, which is a collaboration with the dance co-op set for 14 December at the Cleveland Museum of Art. We’re hoping to successfully combine physical movement with the spoken word to create a sense of unity; the idea right now is to interview various members of the dance co-op, in a similar fashion to what we’ve been doing already, and telling their own stories while they dance. The poetry will also most likely feature a group component, where certain phrases or lines will be repeated to further emphasize the unity. The project is still in relatively early stages as of right now, but we’re very excited to see where it’ll go.

Poetry Apprentice

Yixuan, Poetry ArtWorks Apprentice, sharing her words

-Yixuan, Poetry ArtWorks Apprentice


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