ArtWorks Sound Bites: Digital Game Design Co-Op

Check out the adventures from ArtWorks Digital Game Design Apprentices!

From left to right: Jordan Davis, Marcus Billingsley, Darius Daniels, Malik Long, Aliyah Beechuk, Aristide Smith, Yanna Morgan, Anthony Piazza, Kennyth Bolton. Missing: Shana Hurst

Amidst the chaos in the little white room and the ongoing hubbub of the latest anime episodes, the Artworks apprentices of Game Design settled into a meditative phase of work and random outbursts. Weeks ago, the apprentices were playing icebreaker games like Monopoly, Apples To Apples and Pictionary, while all the apprentices from the other co-ops were wistfully staring and pawing at the glass windows. After a few weeks into the production of their game boards, we were told we had to move into an even smaller room. Having to downsize the space did not particularly help the work environment; the apprentices needed their own “personal” space apparently. Soon the little paper cutouts scattered across the floor became a sea of white in the little room, and wading through the mess became an adventure. Now that all the apprentices were finished with their game boards, they looked at the sea of disorder and realized that something had to be done. Flexibility and responsibility, 21st century skills anyone? Bueller…Bueller?

Now that the Game Design MTA guided the apprentices through the first ordeal, it was their turn to motivate themselves to create something new as a team using GameMaker. It certainly was not easy at first; there were arguments about taking sides and teams. Seven apprentices wanted to work on the art side whereas there were only three on the programming side; some had to make sacrifices for the benefit of the team.

As for the apprentices, the daunting tasks that lie ahead falls upon Yanna and Marcus, who are the programming and art leads. It’s their job to assign roles to their teammates and work together in their harmonious love-hate relationship. The game they are currently working on features a futuristic time traveler in search of his stolen time belt. He must stop the evil mastermind and restore time to normal. Can they do it? Stay tuned!



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