ArtWorks Sound Bites: Photography Co-Op

Apprenticeship for Fall ArtWorks AfterSchool work with Mark Yasenchak to learn all about photography. But perhaps most importantly, they also learn about collaboration. When speaking to both LiNa and Nathan (Photography Apprentices) about their experience thus far, both of them spoke about partnership…with other Apprentices or with the community at large.

Photography Apprentices LiNa captures Dance Apprentices in action.

As well as documenting Poetry Apprentices during ArtWorks’ Open House, LiNa also captured Dance Apprentices in action.

LiNa Grob, Photography Apprentice:

On the night of Thursday, November 8th, 2012, “Young Audiences’ Artworks” held an open house for it’s after school Fall program. It was there, where we visited the Poetry Co-op to capture pictures of the evening’s events. When we arrived, the poets were in an assigned reading where they presented aloud their pieces in front of visitors. A serene atmosphere could be felt within every inch of the room and I felt a sense of inspiration washing over me. The Poetry Co-op’s performance was extraordinary and I recommend anyone with an interest in creative writing to experience this event.

Photography Apprentice Nathan captures Issue 107 Advocates (to save Cleveland schools!)

Photography Apprentice Nathan captures Issue 107 Advocates (to save Cleveland schools!)

Nathan Mendel, Photography Apprentice:

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a campaign headquarters for the Cleveland School System levy issue 107. While families were making posters promoting Issue 107 and being interviewed by the apprentices in the Poetry Co-op, I took candid pictures of anything that seemed interesting to me. I got pictures in all kinds of angles and shots such as wide, close up, extreme close up of people and objects in the room that tell the story of the reason people were there. The building was able to give me a huge variety of options to choose from and since the building had two floors, I was able to get shots from above. This collection of photographs of the posters, people and apprentices begins to tell the story of the levy and my role as an apprentice with Young Audiences. After editing the best photos, I found out which of them really show off the design of the posters, and the people making the posters. I hope to go again and get some more photographs one day.

You can see these amazing teens in action on December 18th at 6 PM at the Halle Building. Photography Apprentices will exhibit their work, as well as capture the entire evening.


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