Celebrate Black History Month through the Arts

Sean Jones. Tracy Chapman. Jim Brinkman. Robert Lockwood, Jr.

These talented black musicians should be honored and celebrated all year long, but should especially be noticed in Cleveland during February’s Black History Month as they all have ties to the Greater Cleveland area.*

Front Image- BHM 2012Partner with Young Audiences to bring an artist to your classroom during Black History Month to celebrate the accomplishments of these, and so many other African Americans in the arts and throughout history.

Explore the Harlem Renaissance poetry through dance and movement. Investigate how music reflects the social and political culture of a time period. Study the poetry of Langston Hughes to create artwork that conveys its themes. Young Audiences offers hundreds of customizable programs that enhance learning about Black History through the arts.

President Obama, in “A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement”  shares that we really should be honoring these amazing individuals all year long–we as a nation would not be the same nation without their amazing accomplishments.

Young Audiences couldn’t agree more, which is why all of our programs are available all year long. We look forward to showing your students the importance of Black History through the arts. Contact us today! (info@yaneo.org; 216-561-5005)

*Sean Jones, the Artistic Director of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, was born in Warren, Ohio. 4-time Grammy winner Tracy Chapman was born and raised in Cleveland. Grammy-winner Jim Brinkman grew up in Cleveland and attended the Cleveland Institute of Music and Case. Robert Lockwood, Jr. brought his blues to Cleveland in 1961 and performed in gigs around the area well into his 90s.

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