Bring a Field Trip To You!

March 22, 2013

With ever increasing demands on a school’s schedule and budget, it may be harder for schools to find the time or funds to plan field trips. Even a “free admission” to an outside venue can be costly once you add in factors such as transportation and outside snacks.

Teaching Artist Jimmie Woody brings a novel to life in reader's theater.

Teaching Artist Jimmie Woody brings a novel to life in reader’s theater.

Let Young Audiences bring the field trip to you. Our 120 master teaching artists can engage your students in any and all art-forms, including programs that teach fitness, tie into physics, and promote healthy character development…just to name a few!

Avoid the hassle of getting transportation and finding parent volunteers to help coordinate the excursion.

Teaching Artist Wendy Mahon helping students brainstorm their visual art design.

Teaching Artist Wendy Mahon helping students brainstorm their visual art design.

Instead, students can stay in their own classrooms to work with professional teaching artists or they can meander on over to the gym to take part in an interactive assembly.

All of our programs can be customized to focus on whatever you are teaching in your classroom or community center.

The arts can help your kids dream even bigger by helping them know what’s out there. We’re here to help.

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Listen Up! ArtWorks Slam Poetry Apprentices

March 14, 2013

The Slam Poetry Co-Op at ArtWorks this Spring has been busy. Check out what they’ve been up to thus far, and watch two of the Apprentices in action.  Want to see the rest of the crew? Come to the ArtWorks Open House TODAY (March 14) at the Halle Building from 5-7 PM.


At this point in our co-op, we are learning many things from our MTA (Master Teaching Artist), Carla. Things such as performing our poetry, playing with words to make our poetry sound better, and body language in poetry. These are all things that will help us preform better for our upcoming competition during open house on March 14th.

Although we do a lot of work, we still have fun. For example, we previously went to the art museum, which was amazing. Everyone had an nice time viewing the beautiful art work.  There was a little work, but it was fun. We all had to pick one fine art and write an poem on it. It was so nice because everyone had poems on different pieces of art

Another place we visited was Playhouse Square. Their we worked on performance and movement with a lovely lady named Paige. We did an incredible workshop with her for Slam U! She gave us very good and useful tips on writing and performing our poetry. We are working on competing to be on the Cleveland team for the Brave New Voices national youth poetry slam in April.

-Shanautica Devine, Slam Poetry Apprentice

Slam Poetry

Hear Brandon Peck in action!

Hear Nandi's take on a pair of custom designed baby sneakers.

Hear Nandi’s take on a pair of custom designed baby sneakers.

Chapman Elementary Spotlight

March 2, 2013
Photo Credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

Photo Credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

Melissa Friedman and her 5th grade students from Chapman Elementary worked with three Young Audiences artists: Jimmie Woody (theater), Desmond Davis (dance), and Wendy Mahon (visual arts) for an arts integration project. The students (and artists!) all read the same novel, then rewrote a few endings as a class. The students then worked together to perform a new ending with Jimmie, created two survival dances with Desmond, and worked with Wendy to create a mural at a local senior living home.

In our newsletter, we caught up with Ms. Friedman and learned what she thought about the project (all great things!!!).

Now, let’s hear what the artists thought about the experience:

The New Ending in action!Photo credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

The New Ending in action!
Photo credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

“I truly enjoyed my experience at Chapman Elementary. it just shows you how arts and education fused programs makes a difference in the lives of students, educators and administrators. Its gave me great joy to see parents engaged and moved by their children’s performances. Would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!!!”

-Jimmie Woody


The completed mural.
Photo credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

“I was very impressed with how enthusiastic, focused and prepared the students were for their mural project.
They were able to put into visual form the ‘Survival’ topic they were studying and were also open to the artist interpretation of their drawings.  They executed the project with skill and with cooperation among each other and with the residents of the senior center. It was a pleasure working with the students and teachers of Chapman Elementary and with the staff and residents of the Crystal Water Retirement/Assisted Living Center.”
-Wendy Mahon

Thanks to Ms. Friedman’s class and to our three wonderful artists who helped to make this arts integration experience such a success.

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