Magna Studios—ArtWorks’ Animation Co-Op

Magna StudiosHere in Magna Studios, ArtWorks’ Animation Co-Op, we have made a traditional-to-digital transition. We started making hand-drawn storyboards, where each intern drew out a sequence of frames to create one scene without using words. These storyboards were the first step to any animation process. We put our storyboards in motion using flip books. We then used light boxes to trace frames and make small transitions between each frame. By taking a photo of each frame, uploading it to a computer and using Adobe After Effects to compile the images, our finished result was a scene in motion. We are currently working on collaboration with all the co-ops in ArtWorks to create a commercial for our Shoe Design Co-Op, Thunder 11.

There are many teams that bring a project to life, such as the art director, script writers, storyboard artists, animators and video producers. With Allison Dykes as the Art Director, she makes sure that all of her coworkers are responsible for certain roles and deliver in a timely manner. Script Writers Michelle Allen and Shakayla Core create the dialog and put select scenes in order. Terah McGowan and Gabby Calabrese, the Storyboard Artists, create the frames for certain scenes. These frames should flow smoothly enough for the Animators, Aristide Smith and Briana Barnes, to take the storyboards and transition them into motion graphics. Doneisha King and Marcus Billingsley are the Video Producers, who take the necessary video footage and composite the scenes together.

Magna Studios

Thunder 11 finally meets Magna Studios! Magna Studios, the Animation Co-Op of ArtWorks 2013 was tasked with creating a one minute advertisement for Thunder 11’s artistic sneakers. Fortunately, Magna Studios was not alone in their process. Recently, the Script Artists, Shakayla Core and Michelle Allen, and the Creative Director, Allison Dykes, of Magna Studios held open auditions for the voiceover position for the script they had created. The script was a one minute read of a compilation piece consisting of lines from every poet’s poem on a chosen shoe. The auditions were a success and two star voices were found, Gabrielle Calabrese (Animation) and Chukwuka Okoro (Recording Arts). Next, Magna Studios received the edgy beat for the ad created by the Recording Arts Co-Op. Now the Animation Co-Op is working on the actual animations, based off of the storyboards hand-drawn by each animator. The animation is supposed to reflect the idea or theme behind each shoe rather than the just the shoe itself. Although each shoe is completely different and follows a different theme, the overall idea revolves around Cleveland. The nine animators, Michelle Allen, Briana Barnes, Marcus Billingsley, Gabby Calabrese, Shakayla Core, Allison Dykes, Doneisha King, Terah McGraw and Aristide Smith, continue to work diligently.  Everyone anticipates the final outcome of the collaboration!

By Shakayla Core, Michelle Allen and Allison Dykes


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