ArtWorks Week 1: Game Design Co-Op

*Post written by Team Elemental: Darius Daniels, Che Thrash, Brianna Cotton, and Alexis Simuel

During the first week of this program, we created outdoor social games and board games in order to introduce us to the process of game making. We were given time to brainstorm and present our games, and we played our games. The next day, we began to create our board games. We utilized the strategies and critiques that we received on our outdoor games to make our board games entertaining, 20130621_113812 challenging, and all together engaging games that incorporated obstacles, strategy, and chance. We also played one another’s board games to obtain feedback and to further improve them. Both of these activities were meant to prepare us to create our digital games. These exercises taught us the basic components of a digital game, which are rules, goals, and environment. Next, we voted on the types of games that we wanted to create by each of us pitching ideas of our ideal game. We chose the top three and divided into groups, and began the process of learning the programs necessary for our final game.


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