ArtWorks Week 2: Game Design Co-Op

*Post by Team What Lies Ahead: Kyle Jordan, Andrew Tabanji, Ashley Phillips-Watts, Keisha Berkley and Terrell Osborn

20130621_154644 In the second week we began to take action in creating our games. We learned how to use multiple computer programs, such as Blender, Photoshop, Unity and Illustrator.  Blender is a 3D Modeling program. Photoshop is a photo-editing software that we found came to good use for us. 20130620_101711 Unity is a program that is used to create 3D Terrain, used for level design. Illustrator is a program that creates images using vector art.  Basically what Unity does is help to design levels for your game. You go through a process of picking your terrain texture and deciding whether or not you want mountains or a flat surface. If you want to build models you can use cinema 4D or Blender, which are basic modeling software used to create, build and edit objects. When models are done you simply import into unity to put level together.  Then we came up with the ideas for our game and presented them in brief presentations 20130703_132738 called pitches. Afterwards we set out to create our own games.


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