ArtWorks Week 3: Game Design Co-Op

* Post by Team Chaotic Gaming: Josh Ferguson, Eli Kauffman, Savon Brooks, and Quincy Eweroke

20130703_114009 During the third week our group has been focusing on the final product for the course. Quincy has been working hard at making the terrains. He has added a lot of detail to the world we will be playing in such as a day and night cycle and different types of seasons. Eli is always coming up with new animations for our characters and new music for our game. He went from hating the game engine called Blender to becoming a master at everything it has to offer. Josh was creating our buildings for our city and is now diving in head first on animating our main character. Josh has come up with a new ways to make our main character funny and goofy. 20130703_113955 The character he has created defines what our game is about. Savon is working hard at creating characters and new ways of making this game incredible. We are ahead of schedule and we want to keep it that way.


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