ArtWorks: Dance Co-Op

*Written by ArtWorks apprentices
The Dance co-op is on a verge of new, and exciting dance movements, being that sustainability is our theme, expressing how the environment,
and our bodies are connected. we show this using modern, ballet, and west African dance movement, and technique also using the art of poetry to bring a unique show:
“A Battle In the Night”
It’s a dream awakened by the human race
The destruction of the World slowly into oblivion.
It’s a Battle field
The booming death fires causing dark clouds,
Turning the world black
It becomes a tiresome home.
A death trap to those who wish
To abide, in the beauty it once had.
The earth’s night tears twinkling
For the human race to see.
Sometimes falling, hoping, waiting
For one to see the sadness it holds.
Swampy paths fill the roads
Over flowing the fossilized hope that
Beads through the wind. The slow
Peace of fire dancing through
The night air.
The moons illuminous face;
Eyes wide at the horrors it
Sees in the dark
Scared at the tortured man’s
Power has bestowed.
Cannons roaring, tears falling, the
Earth is crying out for help.
It’s a loud cry
As the majestic red wood
Falls slowly to the ground.
It’s the last hope for the world.
The day is done
As darkness seeps through the air.
Forcing man’s breathing tools to suffer
As we steadily play our mechanical songs
Preparing for battle
Not knowing there will be no victor.

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