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May 22, 2013

Family Mural at Marin

Augusto Bordelois is a Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio Professional Teaching Artist. He worked with the students at Luis Munoz Marin to create a mural that celebrates and honors the nationalities of all of the school’s students, encouraging them to embrace their heritage and support the rich diversity in their community.

Family Mural at Marin_5

First, the students all took surveys about their nationalities. Students then researched their national animal, flower, and bird. Initially, Augusto was going to incorporate all 3 items into the mural, but this school is so rich with diversity that he decided to take a little more of an abstract approach (see photos).


As mentioned in a previous post, murals can teach collaboration, teamwork and show students how important it is to maintain the discipline to start and finish a project with dedication. This particular mural not only involved the Marin students and their caregivers, it helped to beautify the school and will continually remind everyone that individuality should be celebrated.


Support our Schools!

October 25, 2012

It’s voting season, and one thing we know for certain: our students need and deserve to have the strongest resources available to them.

That’s why Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio stands proudly with the local school districts in the 18 counties we serve. We endorse the passage of all local levies in the region.

Photos from Young Audiences’ Issue 107 Art Party! (Thanks to our partners, Right Plan Right Now and CAEC.)

These are challenging times, but our student’s successes are at stake. Our future depends on them, so show your support! Host an Art Party. Talk about the levies with family and friends. Do what you can to help our students.



For more information about which levies are on your ballot this November, please visit: