Week 1 ArtWorks Recap :: Halle Building

June 24, 2013

*Post written and photographs taken by the ArtWorks Summer 2013 Photography Co-op

Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio’s ArtWorks Apprentices at the Halle Site started a week before their counterparts on the Tri-C campus. Only a week out of school and these apprentices are already back to work. The work force is on full power and everything is going according to plan.

Poetry Co-op

Poetry ArtWorks apprentices

Poetry ArtWorks apprentices

 Day two of work, and these apprentices and their Master Teaching Artist (MTA) are already working diligently on their individual poems at the poetry co-op. Ray, the poetry MTA, conducts group bonding exercises such as playing his guitar, which entertains and unites the apprentices to his melodious tunes. Their first project was to use three things: a color, a thing, and a prepositional phrase, and use them to create a poem. Ray has been a spectacular MTA; being as magnificent as he can be, the apprentices will have no problem working with him.

Sneaker Design Co-op 

Sneaker Design ArtWorks apprentices

Sneaker Design ArtWorks apprentices

As we take our time observing the sneaker design, co-op, we interviewed a gentleman by the name of Aaron and he shared his experiences to us. The sneaker design co-op works together to design one sneaker. The sneakers were meant to portray a mission statement. Beside the work, the group has also bonded especially well. Van, the MTA, starts every day off with a quote to inspire the apprentices. Focused and relaxed, everyone is looking forward to the next six weeks.

Photography ArtWorks apprentices

Photography ArtWorks apprentices


Today the Photography co-op interviewed and took pictures of the other co-ops for the blog. Laura, the MTA, and Sydney, the Assistant Teaching Artist (ATA), have conducted multiple group bonding exercises and we have gotten to know each other. The apprentices are eager to go out and take pictures, and they know the opportunity is just around the corner.

Architecture ArtWorks apprentices

Architecture ArtWorks apprentices

Architect Co-op 

The architect co-op has been working on creative designs for their storyboard projects. Within these designs, they have to create a world from their imagination using two words given to them by their MTA. Such as “Tropical fish and the Moon.” This teaches the apprentices about exploring their imaginations and how two brains are better than one.


Art. Family. Success.

May 22, 2013

Family Mural at Marin

Augusto Bordelois is a Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio Professional Teaching Artist. He worked with the students at Luis Munoz Marin to create a mural that celebrates and honors the nationalities of all of the school’s students, encouraging them to embrace their heritage and support the rich diversity in their community.

Family Mural at Marin_5

First, the students all took surveys about their nationalities. Students then researched their national animal, flower, and bird. Initially, Augusto was going to incorporate all 3 items into the mural, but this school is so rich with diversity that he decided to take a little more of an abstract approach (see photos).


As mentioned in a previous post, murals can teach collaboration, teamwork and show students how important it is to maintain the discipline to start and finish a project with dedication. This particular mural not only involved the Marin students and their caregivers, it helped to beautify the school and will continually remind everyone that individuality should be celebrated.

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2013

Why celebrate Earth Day on just one day of the year? Incorporate the arts to celebrate our planet all year long.

Here’s how:

7 Mile Isle

7 Mile Isle

Engage a trio of musicians from the acclaimed 7 Miles Isle to perform a concert of music from instruments made entirely from recycled materials. Students will create music and learn that re-purposing items from a junkyard can help save the planet.

Hal Walker

Hal Walker

Invite Hal Walker to your school. Hal uses everyday materials to shape sound and experience how sound travels. Students experiment with making music out of just about anything, as they’re challenged to become scientists out of sound.
Recycled materials also benefit the world of visual arts.

Bring Wendy Mahon or Kristen Cliffel, for example,  to your school so students can utilize recycled materials to create stunning works of art. Create masks, ceramic pieces, and murals, made all the more beautiful due to the unique materials students use to create them.

Beautify your school with a mural!

Beautify your school with a mural!

And speaking of murals…students of all ages can work to design and create a mural to beautify any space!  The design and images for the mural may be based on whatever classroom connection you’d like to emphasize, and utilizing recycled materials from the community can help your mural become even more meaningful.

How do you celebrate Earth Day all year long? We’d love to hear from you!

Mural Creation in Action!

April 15, 2013
Young Audiences’ Professional Teaching Artist Mark Yasenchack worked with early learners and their parents at Cuyahoga County Universal PreK (UPK) to create  innovative murals for the school and the community. Each workshop included parents, teachers, and children, reinforcing how important teamwork and collaboration is to success.
Mark started the project by asking preschoolers what made a school, a home, a neighborhood, and a community, and was surprised to hear that the students named people and animals (instead of what he expected–cars, buildings, etc). Their conversations resulted in murals that are more mosaic in nature and leaves a message with viewers that they are a part of something bigger.
See mural creation in action!

See mural creation in action by clicking above.

Want to create a mural for your school or community? Email requests@yaneo.org or call 216-561-5005.
Psst! Click here to read more about early childhood education and the arts on our blog. You can also watch a video here about Young Audiences and UPK.

Bring a Field Trip To You!

March 22, 2013

With ever increasing demands on a school’s schedule and budget, it may be harder for schools to find the time or funds to plan field trips. Even a “free admission” to an outside venue can be costly once you add in factors such as transportation and outside snacks.

Teaching Artist Jimmie Woody brings a novel to life in reader's theater.

Teaching Artist Jimmie Woody brings a novel to life in reader’s theater.

Let Young Audiences bring the field trip to you. Our 120 master teaching artists can engage your students in any and all art-forms, including programs that teach fitness, tie into physics, and promote healthy character development…just to name a few!

Avoid the hassle of getting transportation and finding parent volunteers to help coordinate the excursion.

Teaching Artist Wendy Mahon helping students brainstorm their visual art design.

Teaching Artist Wendy Mahon helping students brainstorm their visual art design.

Instead, students can stay in their own classrooms to work with professional teaching artists or they can meander on over to the gym to take part in an interactive assembly.

All of our programs can be customized to focus on whatever you are teaching in your classroom or community center.

The arts can help your kids dream even bigger by helping them know what’s out there. We’re here to help.

Email requests@yaneo.org or call us at 216-561-5005 to get started.

Listen Up! ArtWorks Slam Poetry Apprentices

March 14, 2013

The Slam Poetry Co-Op at ArtWorks this Spring has been busy. Check out what they’ve been up to thus far, and watch two of the Apprentices in action.  Want to see the rest of the crew? Come to the ArtWorks Open House TODAY (March 14) at the Halle Building from 5-7 PM.


At this point in our co-op, we are learning many things from our MTA (Master Teaching Artist), Carla. Things such as performing our poetry, playing with words to make our poetry sound better, and body language in poetry. These are all things that will help us preform better for our upcoming competition during open house on March 14th.

Although we do a lot of work, we still have fun. For example, we previously went to the art museum, which was amazing. Everyone had an nice time viewing the beautiful art work.  There was a little work, but it was fun. We all had to pick one fine art and write an poem on it. It was so nice because everyone had poems on different pieces of art

Another place we visited was Playhouse Square. Their we worked on performance and movement with a lovely lady named Paige. We did an incredible workshop with her for Slam U! She gave us very good and useful tips on writing and performing our poetry. We are working on competing to be on the Cleveland team for the Brave New Voices national youth poetry slam in April.

-Shanautica Devine, Slam Poetry Apprentice

Slam Poetry

Hear Brandon Peck in action!

Hear Nandi's take on a pair of custom designed baby sneakers.

Hear Nandi’s take on a pair of custom designed baby sneakers.

Early Arts Experiences Fuels Academic Success

October 9, 2012

Young Audiences wants to partner with you to help spark arts enthusiasm in kids. We believe that an integrated arts curriculum–and an early and lasting love for the arts–is essential to academic success and personal growth. That’s why we’re starting our “Research Says” series to help everyone out there understand how very important the arts really are.

Young artists work to complete school mural

This month we’re highlighting the importance of arts education in early learning. Research says the arts play a major role in developing a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills. According to Friedrich Froebel, whom many recognize as the “father of Kindergarten”, the arts encourage each child’s “full and all-sided development” (Froebel, 1826). From the simple techniques of tearing paper and color coding, to holding a paint brush and sharing/interpreting ideas through creative movement, the arts provide avenues for children to tap into creativity, imagination, and play while simultaneously fostering critical developmental skills at an early age.

Last Spring, Young Audiences’ teaching artists worked in over 20 Cuyahoga County Universal PreK (UPK) sites, working with early learners and their families to create a public art projects

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