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May 22, 2013

Family Mural at Marin

Augusto Bordelois is a Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio Professional Teaching Artist. He worked with the students at Luis Munoz Marin to create a mural that celebrates and honors the nationalities of all of the school’s students, encouraging them to embrace their heritage and support the rich diversity in their community.

Family Mural at Marin_5

First, the students all took surveys about their nationalities. Students then researched their national animal, flower, and bird. Initially, Augusto was going to incorporate all 3 items into the mural, but this school is so rich with diversity that he decided to take a little more of an abstract approach (see photos).


As mentioned in a previous post, murals can teach collaboration, teamwork and show students how important it is to maintain the discipline to start and finish a project with dedication. This particular mural not only involved the Marin students and their caregivers, it helped to beautify the school and will continually remind everyone that individuality should be celebrated.


Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2013

Why celebrate Earth Day on just one day of the year? Incorporate the arts to celebrate our planet all year long.

Here’s how:

7 Mile Isle

7 Mile Isle

Engage a trio of musicians from the acclaimed 7 Miles Isle to perform a concert of music from instruments made entirely from recycled materials. Students will create music and learn that re-purposing items from a junkyard can help save the planet.

Hal Walker

Hal Walker

Invite Hal Walker to your school. Hal uses everyday materials to shape sound and experience how sound travels. Students experiment with making music out of just about anything, as they’re challenged to become scientists out of sound.
Recycled materials also benefit the world of visual arts.

Bring Wendy Mahon or Kristen Cliffel, for example,  to your school so students can utilize recycled materials to create stunning works of art. Create masks, ceramic pieces, and murals, made all the more beautiful due to the unique materials students use to create them.

Beautify your school with a mural!

Beautify your school with a mural!

And speaking of murals…students of all ages can work to design and create a mural to beautify any space!  The design and images for the mural may be based on whatever classroom connection you’d like to emphasize, and utilizing recycled materials from the community can help your mural become even more meaningful.

How do you celebrate Earth Day all year long? We’d love to hear from you!

Mural Creation in Action!

April 15, 2013
Young Audiences’ Professional Teaching Artist Mark Yasenchack worked with early learners and their parents at Cuyahoga County Universal PreK (UPK) to create  innovative murals for the school and the community. Each workshop included parents, teachers, and children, reinforcing how important teamwork and collaboration is to success.
Mark started the project by asking preschoolers what made a school, a home, a neighborhood, and a community, and was surprised to hear that the students named people and animals (instead of what he expected–cars, buildings, etc). Their conversations resulted in murals that are more mosaic in nature and leaves a message with viewers that they are a part of something bigger.
See mural creation in action!

See mural creation in action by clicking above.

Want to create a mural for your school or community? Email or call 216-561-5005.
Psst! Click here to read more about early childhood education and the arts on our blog. You can also watch a video here about Young Audiences and UPK.

Chapman Elementary Spotlight

March 2, 2013
Photo Credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

Photo Credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

Melissa Friedman and her 5th grade students from Chapman Elementary worked with three Young Audiences artists: Jimmie Woody (theater), Desmond Davis (dance), and Wendy Mahon (visual arts) for an arts integration project. The students (and artists!) all read the same novel, then rewrote a few endings as a class. The students then worked together to perform a new ending with Jimmie, created two survival dances with Desmond, and worked with Wendy to create a mural at a local senior living home.

In our newsletter, we caught up with Ms. Friedman and learned what she thought about the project (all great things!!!).

Now, let’s hear what the artists thought about the experience:

The New Ending in action!Photo credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

The New Ending in action!
Photo credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

“I truly enjoyed my experience at Chapman Elementary. it just shows you how arts and education fused programs makes a difference in the lives of students, educators and administrators. Its gave me great joy to see parents engaged and moved by their children’s performances. Would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!!!”

-Jimmie Woody


The completed mural.
Photo credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

“I was very impressed with how enthusiastic, focused and prepared the students were for their mural project.
They were able to put into visual form the ‘Survival’ topic they were studying and were also open to the artist interpretation of their drawings.  They executed the project with skill and with cooperation among each other and with the residents of the senior center. It was a pleasure working with the students and teachers of Chapman Elementary and with the staff and residents of the Crystal Water Retirement/Assisted Living Center.”
-Wendy Mahon

Thanks to Ms. Friedman’s class and to our three wonderful artists who helped to make this arts integration experience such a success.

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