OhSnap Theater Group: ArtWorks Theater Co-op 2013

July 5, 2013

* Post written and photographs taken by the 2013 ArtWorks Theatre Co-op:  Aaron, Andre, Bryan, Ian, Jazmin, Naija, Rosalyn, Sharia, Sydney and Toi.

Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio’s ArtWorks Theatre Co-Op, AKA OhSnap Theatre Group, shares about some of their recent professional enrichment activities…on and off-campus.

Theater Apprentices_1Tri-C Light Tour

In the initial week of our program we had the privilege to have a very inclusive tour of the Tri-C theaters. Josh, a theater technician at Tri-C, graciously took time out of his day to give our co-op a very informative tour, which included visits to the control room, the ropes, the black box and thrust theater, prop workshop, and dressing rooms. The tour taught us as a co-op some of the other aspects of theatre… other than being on stage and taking on the part of an actor.

Theater ApprenticesTalespinner & CPT

Our co-op was clearly in full swing in the first week because on the third day we went on our first excursion and went out into the field, traveling to the Talespinner Children’s Theatre. Before walking over to Talespinner, we were given a tour of Cleveland Public Theater and learned much of the history behind it. After leaving the Cleveland Public Theater we walked to Talespinner where we were given jobs “in front of house” which are the duties of the people outside of the auditorium: box office, greeters, ushers, etc.  After completing our duties in front of house we were then allowed to watch the current play, The Emperor’s Ears, which was a very interactive adaptation of a Serbian folktale. This was a learning experience because we were able to see yet another perspective of theatre and because of our talk with the actors in a more intimate environment.

IMG_0225Playhouse Square and Ideastream

In our second week of operations we were once again geared up for another excursion. We, along with the recording arts co-op, were given a tour of all of the theaters in Playhouse Square: State, Ohio, Allen, and Palace theatre. We were given great historical context about the theaters. After the tour of the theaters we returned to the Idea Center where we began and had the privilege of watching a live broadcast of a news show. We heard from a great band, heard about the food scene in cleveland, and saw some new technological advances, including a 3D printer and a small Quad copter. This was a very interesting and unique experience that was rich in information.


Week 1 ArtWorks Recap :: Halle Building

June 24, 2013

*Post written and photographs taken by the ArtWorks Summer 2013 Photography Co-op

Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio’s ArtWorks Apprentices at the Halle Site started a week before their counterparts on the Tri-C campus. Only a week out of school and these apprentices are already back to work. The work force is on full power and everything is going according to plan.

Poetry Co-op

Poetry ArtWorks apprentices

Poetry ArtWorks apprentices

 Day two of work, and these apprentices and their Master Teaching Artist (MTA) are already working diligently on their individual poems at the poetry co-op. Ray, the poetry MTA, conducts group bonding exercises such as playing his guitar, which entertains and unites the apprentices to his melodious tunes. Their first project was to use three things: a color, a thing, and a prepositional phrase, and use them to create a poem. Ray has been a spectacular MTA; being as magnificent as he can be, the apprentices will have no problem working with him.

Sneaker Design Co-op 

Sneaker Design ArtWorks apprentices

Sneaker Design ArtWorks apprentices

As we take our time observing the sneaker design, co-op, we interviewed a gentleman by the name of Aaron and he shared his experiences to us. The sneaker design co-op works together to design one sneaker. The sneakers were meant to portray a mission statement. Beside the work, the group has also bonded especially well. Van, the MTA, starts every day off with a quote to inspire the apprentices. Focused and relaxed, everyone is looking forward to the next six weeks.

Photography ArtWorks apprentices

Photography ArtWorks apprentices


Today the Photography co-op interviewed and took pictures of the other co-ops for the blog. Laura, the MTA, and Sydney, the Assistant Teaching Artist (ATA), have conducted multiple group bonding exercises and we have gotten to know each other. The apprentices are eager to go out and take pictures, and they know the opportunity is just around the corner.

Architecture ArtWorks apprentices

Architecture ArtWorks apprentices

Architect Co-op 

The architect co-op has been working on creative designs for their storyboard projects. Within these designs, they have to create a world from their imagination using two words given to them by their MTA. Such as “Tropical fish and the Moon.” This teaches the apprentices about exploring their imaginations and how two brains are better than one.

Art. Family. Success.

May 22, 2013

Family Mural at Marin

Augusto Bordelois is a Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio Professional Teaching Artist. He worked with the students at Luis Munoz Marin to create a mural that celebrates and honors the nationalities of all of the school’s students, encouraging them to embrace their heritage and support the rich diversity in their community.

Family Mural at Marin_5

First, the students all took surveys about their nationalities. Students then researched their national animal, flower, and bird. Initially, Augusto was going to incorporate all 3 items into the mural, but this school is so rich with diversity that he decided to take a little more of an abstract approach (see photos).


As mentioned in a previous post, murals can teach collaboration, teamwork and show students how important it is to maintain the discipline to start and finish a project with dedication. This particular mural not only involved the Marin students and their caregivers, it helped to beautify the school and will continually remind everyone that individuality should be celebrated.

Listen Up! ArtWorks Slam Poetry Apprentices

March 14, 2013

The Slam Poetry Co-Op at ArtWorks this Spring has been busy. Check out what they’ve been up to thus far, and watch two of the Apprentices in action.  Want to see the rest of the crew? Come to the ArtWorks Open House TODAY (March 14) at the Halle Building from 5-7 PM.


At this point in our co-op, we are learning many things from our MTA (Master Teaching Artist), Carla. Things such as performing our poetry, playing with words to make our poetry sound better, and body language in poetry. These are all things that will help us preform better for our upcoming competition during open house on March 14th.

Although we do a lot of work, we still have fun. For example, we previously went to the art museum, which was amazing. Everyone had an nice time viewing the beautiful art work.  There was a little work, but it was fun. We all had to pick one fine art and write an poem on it. It was so nice because everyone had poems on different pieces of art

Another place we visited was Playhouse Square. Their we worked on performance and movement with a lovely lady named Paige. We did an incredible workshop with her for Slam U! She gave us very good and useful tips on writing and performing our poetry. We are working on competing to be on the Cleveland team for the Brave New Voices national youth poetry slam in April.

-Shanautica Devine, Slam Poetry Apprentice

Slam Poetry

Hear Brandon Peck in action!

Hear Nandi's take on a pair of custom designed baby sneakers.

Hear Nandi’s take on a pair of custom designed baby sneakers.

Chapman Elementary Spotlight

March 2, 2013
Photo Credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

Photo Credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

Melissa Friedman and her 5th grade students from Chapman Elementary worked with three Young Audiences artists: Jimmie Woody (theater), Desmond Davis (dance), and Wendy Mahon (visual arts) for an arts integration project. The students (and artists!) all read the same novel, then rewrote a few endings as a class. The students then worked together to perform a new ending with Jimmie, created two survival dances with Desmond, and worked with Wendy to create a mural at a local senior living home.

In our newsletter, we caught up with Ms. Friedman and learned what she thought about the project (all great things!!!).

Now, let’s hear what the artists thought about the experience:

The New Ending in action!Photo credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

The New Ending in action!
Photo credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

“I truly enjoyed my experience at Chapman Elementary. it just shows you how arts and education fused programs makes a difference in the lives of students, educators and administrators. Its gave me great joy to see parents engaged and moved by their children’s performances. Would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!!!”

-Jimmie Woody


The completed mural.
Photo credit Jacqueline Stumpf-Peters

“I was very impressed with how enthusiastic, focused and prepared the students were for their mural project.
They were able to put into visual form the ‘Survival’ topic they were studying and were also open to the artist interpretation of their drawings.  They executed the project with skill and with cooperation among each other and with the residents of the senior center. It was a pleasure working with the students and teachers of Chapman Elementary and with the staff and residents of the Crystal Water Retirement/Assisted Living Center.”
-Wendy Mahon

Thanks to Ms. Friedman’s class and to our three wonderful artists who helped to make this arts integration experience such a success.

Want to schedule your own arts integration experience?
Call Young Audiences today :: 216-561-5005.

Celebrate Black History Month through the Arts

January 15, 2013

Sean Jones. Tracy Chapman. Jim Brinkman. Robert Lockwood, Jr.

These talented black musicians should be honored and celebrated all year long, but should especially be noticed in Cleveland during February’s Black History Month as they all have ties to the Greater Cleveland area.*

Front Image- BHM 2012Partner with Young Audiences to bring an artist to your classroom during Black History Month to celebrate the accomplishments of these, and so many other African Americans in the arts and throughout history.

Explore the Harlem Renaissance poetry through dance and movement. Investigate how music reflects the social and political culture of a time period. Study the poetry of Langston Hughes to create artwork that conveys its themes. Young Audiences offers hundreds of customizable programs that enhance learning about Black History through the arts.

President Obama, in “A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement”  shares that we really should be honoring these amazing individuals all year long–we as a nation would not be the same nation without their amazing accomplishments.

Young Audiences couldn’t agree more, which is why all of our programs are available all year long. We look forward to showing your students the importance of Black History through the arts. Contact us today! (info@yaneo.org; 216-561-5005)

*Sean Jones, the Artistic Director of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, was born in Warren, Ohio. 4-time Grammy winner Tracy Chapman was born and raised in Cleveland. Grammy-winner Jim Brinkman grew up in Cleveland and attended the Cleveland Institute of Music and Case. Robert Lockwood, Jr. brought his blues to Cleveland in 1961 and performed in gigs around the area well into his 90s.

Critical Thinking and Sixth Graders

December 13, 2011

Young Audiences visual artist Augusto Bordelois is working with Chardon Middle School students for 14 days over the next couple of months to create a 9/11 memorial mural for the students’ school.

On the second visit of the residency, Augusto asked the students to brainstorm about the events of 9/11 and come up with ideas for the design.  The students suggested several symbols, such as a helmet to represent fire fighters or a red bandanna to represent heroism and bravery (a red bandanna was worn by well-known 9/11 hero Wells Crowther who gave his own life to save those of many other people).  The students then broke into groups to sketch images that would help tell the story.

A particular group of sixth grade boys worked on sketches together.  They decided they wanted the American flag in the mural to represent patriotism, and they also chose to depict it with flames all around it, thinking that the flames would make it a glorious, “cool” image – similar to flames on a car or motorcycle. Their vision was of an American flag flying high, surrounded by flames.

The groups presented their sketches to each other and had to try to persuade their peers to include them in the mural. There were interesting debates about what different symbols represented. When the boys presented their flag surrounded by flames, their peers immediately pointed out the flag didn’t look “glorious,” but rather on fire and in the process of being burned. Their interpretation was completely different than what the boys intended.

Through this exercise, the students got one of the main points of the residency – that artists have to be careful and think critically about what they include in their imagery because art can be interpreted in different ways. Augusto helped underscore the idea by pointing out that the students need to think of how people 30-40 years from now will perceive the design.  He challenged the students to question whether the images will make sense and be understood by future generations.

Thanks to the Lake Geauga Fund of The Cleveland Foundation for making this great residency possible. We can’t wait to see the finished product.