OhSnap Theater Group: ArtWorks Theater Co-op 2013

July 5, 2013

* Post written and photographs taken by the 2013 ArtWorks Theatre Co-op:  Aaron, Andre, Bryan, Ian, Jazmin, Naija, Rosalyn, Sharia, Sydney and Toi.

Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio’s ArtWorks Theatre Co-Op, AKA OhSnap Theatre Group, shares about some of their recent professional enrichment activities…on and off-campus.

Theater Apprentices_1Tri-C Light Tour

In the initial week of our program we had the privilege to have a very inclusive tour of the Tri-C theaters. Josh, a theater technician at Tri-C, graciously took time out of his day to give our co-op a very informative tour, which included visits to the control room, the ropes, the black box and thrust theater, prop workshop, and dressing rooms. The tour taught us as a co-op some of the other aspects of theatre… other than being on stage and taking on the part of an actor.

Theater ApprenticesTalespinner & CPT

Our co-op was clearly in full swing in the first week because on the third day we went on our first excursion and went out into the field, traveling to the Talespinner Children’s Theatre. Before walking over to Talespinner, we were given a tour of Cleveland Public Theater and learned much of the history behind it. After leaving the Cleveland Public Theater we walked to Talespinner where we were given jobs “in front of house” which are the duties of the people outside of the auditorium: box office, greeters, ushers, etc.  After completing our duties in front of house we were then allowed to watch the current play, The Emperor’s Ears, which was a very interactive adaptation of a Serbian folktale. This was a learning experience because we were able to see yet another perspective of theatre and because of our talk with the actors in a more intimate environment.

IMG_0225Playhouse Square and Ideastream

In our second week of operations we were once again geared up for another excursion. We, along with the recording arts co-op, were given a tour of all of the theaters in Playhouse Square: State, Ohio, Allen, and Palace theatre. We were given great historical context about the theaters. After the tour of the theaters we returned to the Idea Center where we began and had the privilege of watching a live broadcast of a news show. We heard from a great band, heard about the food scene in cleveland, and saw some new technological advances, including a 3D printer and a small Quad copter. This was a very interesting and unique experience that was rich in information.


A Week in the Life: Recording Arts Co-Op

July 2, 2013

*Post written and photographs taken by Samantha Boggs, ArtWorks Summer 2013 apprentice

Last week in ArtWorks‘ Recording Arts Co-Op, we did a number of exciting things. All of the apprentices in the program got to attend the Cleveland Arts Prize! This was an honor for the apprentices because the Arts Prize is a very big event. “The Cleveland Arts Prize was awesome because it was such a unique experience,” says Paul Coulter. “We saw many different kinds of artists. It was really cool.”

Recording Arts apprentice at work!

Recording Arts apprentice at work!


The apprentices also got to take a tour of Playhouse Square! “We saw all of the theaters and stages. The building is really cool and it has a vintage style to it. I loved seeing all of the ceilings too, the art is amazing!” says Sarah Bailey. Everyone really enjoyed seeing the old theaters and the renovations that have been done.

After seeing Playhouse Square’s theaters, the apprentices got to sit in on a live radio recording where a Cleveland Indie band, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, performed. “Sitting in the live audience was really fun. Seeing the band perform was one of my favorite things we have done so far! They were really good live and the talk show was also entertaining. I hope to have more experiences like this! I loved it,” says Samantha Boggs.

Everyone is very excited for the experiences we have to look forward to during the rest of the summer, especially the Open House! See you on July 10 from 6-8 PM at Tri-C Metro Campus!


*Editor’s note: There are two Open Houses. CO-ops at the Halle Building have an Open House on July 2, from 6-8 PM. Co-ops at Tri-C have an Open House on July 10, from 6-8 PM.