ArtWorks Spring Theater

March 12, 2014

photo So! The Artworks openhouse was last week. I WAS SUPER DUPER EXCITED to show people what we do here! In case you couldn’t make it, I’m excited to give you a small taste of the things we have done in the theatre co-op thus far! We’ve been doing a lot of improv, and acting skills. Through this the people in my co-op have really gotten to be really close as friends, coworkers, and fellow artists and actors.


Artworks Theatre

A really cool place

to work, learn,

and participate

in acting, improv

working with tim

has been a great experience

I always love coming in

to work

with inspirational people

in a beautiful building too

I love artworks

how bout you?


Behind the Lens: Spring ArtWorks Photography

March 11, 2014

Hello, Photo ArtWorkians and their families! We hope you kept safe and warm during the (many) winter storms that have kept us all in.

IMG_0367Things at ArtWorks are heating up, even if the weather’s not. Shutters are clicking away and beautiful portraits are being taken. We are helping to make the Theatre Co-op portfolios show-ready by providing professional pictures for them to use for their future auditions. We were also able to take three fantastic field trips to the ICA, the Cleveland Print Room and Transformer Station. The Cleveland Print Room featured an exhibit on Vivian Maier, “Marry Poppins with a Camera”, who took over 100,000 pictures during her life time. We were also able to view a documentary about her life and saw a few of her photos on display. They were all very personal, as they exposed the people behind the city of Chicago. On February 13th, we were able to also go to the ICA, an organization that is dedicated to restoring damaged art. We saw an artist working on a mural that had been damaged by the weather. IMG_0392It almost looked like new! After that, we saw another exhibit on Hank Willis Thomas. He is a photographer that loves to stretch the boundaries of what a picture should be. All of his subjects are regularly put into various odd positions that make a statement. The show was very provocative, as we got to really examine how pictures influence culture. We now click away even more enthusiastically, as we are inspired by great photographers. Keep clicking ArtWorkians!

OhSnap Theater Group: ArtWorks Theater Co-op 2013

July 5, 2013

* Post written and photographs taken by the 2013 ArtWorks Theatre Co-op:  Aaron, Andre, Bryan, Ian, Jazmin, Naija, Rosalyn, Sharia, Sydney and Toi.

Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio’s ArtWorks Theatre Co-Op, AKA OhSnap Theatre Group, shares about some of their recent professional enrichment activities…on and off-campus.

Theater Apprentices_1Tri-C Light Tour

In the initial week of our program we had the privilege to have a very inclusive tour of the Tri-C theaters. Josh, a theater technician at Tri-C, graciously took time out of his day to give our co-op a very informative tour, which included visits to the control room, the ropes, the black box and thrust theater, prop workshop, and dressing rooms. The tour taught us as a co-op some of the other aspects of theatre… other than being on stage and taking on the part of an actor.

Theater ApprenticesTalespinner & CPT

Our co-op was clearly in full swing in the first week because on the third day we went on our first excursion and went out into the field, traveling to the Talespinner Children’s Theatre. Before walking over to Talespinner, we were given a tour of Cleveland Public Theater and learned much of the history behind it. After leaving the Cleveland Public Theater we walked to Talespinner where we were given jobs “in front of house” which are the duties of the people outside of the auditorium: box office, greeters, ushers, etc.  After completing our duties in front of house we were then allowed to watch the current play, The Emperor’s Ears, which was a very interactive adaptation of a Serbian folktale. This was a learning experience because we were able to see yet another perspective of theatre and because of our talk with the actors in a more intimate environment.

IMG_0225Playhouse Square and Ideastream

In our second week of operations we were once again geared up for another excursion. We, along with the recording arts co-op, were given a tour of all of the theaters in Playhouse Square: State, Ohio, Allen, and Palace theatre. We were given great historical context about the theaters. After the tour of the theaters we returned to the Idea Center where we began and had the privilege of watching a live broadcast of a news show. We heard from a great band, heard about the food scene in cleveland, and saw some new technological advances, including a 3D printer and a small Quad copter. This was a very interesting and unique experience that was rich in information.

ArtWorks Sound Bites: Photography Co-Op

December 11, 2012

Apprenticeship for Fall ArtWorks AfterSchool work with Mark Yasenchak to learn all about photography. But perhaps most importantly, they also learn about collaboration. When speaking to both LiNa and Nathan (Photography Apprentices) about their experience thus far, both of them spoke about partnership…with other Apprentices or with the community at large.

Photography Apprentices LiNa captures Dance Apprentices in action.

As well as documenting Poetry Apprentices during ArtWorks’ Open House, LiNa also captured Dance Apprentices in action.

LiNa Grob, Photography Apprentice:

On the night of Thursday, November 8th, 2012, “Young Audiences’ Artworks” held an open house for it’s after school Fall program. It was there, where we visited the Poetry Co-op to capture pictures of the evening’s events. When we arrived, the poets were in an assigned reading where they presented aloud their pieces in front of visitors. A serene atmosphere could be felt within every inch of the room and I felt a sense of inspiration washing over me. The Poetry Co-op’s performance was extraordinary and I recommend anyone with an interest in creative writing to experience this event.

Photography Apprentice Nathan captures Issue 107 Advocates (to save Cleveland schools!)

Photography Apprentice Nathan captures Issue 107 Advocates (to save Cleveland schools!)

Nathan Mendel, Photography Apprentice:

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a campaign headquarters for the Cleveland School System levy issue 107. While families were making posters promoting Issue 107 and being interviewed by the apprentices in the Poetry Co-op, I took candid pictures of anything that seemed interesting to me. I got pictures in all kinds of angles and shots such as wide, close up, extreme close up of people and objects in the room that tell the story of the reason people were there. The building was able to give me a huge variety of options to choose from and since the building had two floors, I was able to get shots from above. This collection of photographs of the posters, people and apprentices begins to tell the story of the levy and my role as an apprentice with Young Audiences. After editing the best photos, I found out which of them really show off the design of the posters, and the people making the posters. I hope to go again and get some more photographs one day.

You can see these amazing teens in action on December 18th at 6 PM at the Halle Building. Photography Apprentices will exhibit their work, as well as capture the entire evening.

ArtWorks Sound Bites: Poetry Co-Op

December 6, 2012

The Poetry ArtWorks Co-Op has certainly been busy. Hear from Yixuan, a Poetry Artworks Apprentice, about what they’ve been up to!

Cleveland WorkingThings have been going quite well in the land of the poetry co-op; our main project this session has been a compilation of poems based on interviews of ordinary working Clevelanders. This undertaking is, fittingly enough, called Cleveland Working, and so far we’ve interviewed quite a number of people already, comprising a full range of occupations from cupcake-bakery owner to security guard. We’ve based it all on the assumption that everyone has a story to tell, and so far they have yet to disappoint.

poetryco-op zane 029The poetry, in a variety of styles, will be featured in our co-op’s chapbook (along with photos helpfully provided by the photography co-op) as well as the culminating performance on December 18th.

Lately, though, we’ve taken a bit of a break from career interviews and writing new works in order to polish our existing poetry so that they’ll be ready for the publishing and performance. The one major exception to this is a new project, which is a collaboration with the dance co-op set for 14 December at the Cleveland Museum of Art. We’re hoping to successfully combine physical movement with the spoken word to create a sense of unity; the idea right now is to interview various members of the dance co-op, in a similar fashion to what we’ve been doing already, and telling their own stories while they dance. The poetry will also most likely feature a group component, where certain phrases or lines will be repeated to further emphasize the unity. The project is still in relatively early stages as of right now, but we’re very excited to see where it’ll go.

Poetry Apprentice

Yixuan, Poetry ArtWorks Apprentice, sharing her words

-Yixuan, Poetry ArtWorks Apprentice

ArtWorks Sound Bites: Dance Co-Op

December 5, 2012
The apprentices from the Dance Co-Op of Fall ArtWorks took class and rehearsal with the dancers of the Performance Ensemble from the School of Dancing Wheels. The two groups will be working together for the remainder of the semester and will culminate their relationship with a dual performance on December 14th at the Cleveland Museum of Art at 7pm. The dance company/ co op Unveil, as they named themselves, has shared some of their thoughts about working with Dancing Wheels:

My experience with Dancing Wheels was great. I learned that it’s people first. It was nice to meet and dance with students and people with disabilities. They weren’t as different as anyone else. It was fun to see and learn how it feels to be in a wheelchair and having to use all of your upper body strength. I can’t wait to go back and dance with Dancing Wheels again! – Najeder

I enjoyed moving with the dancers with disabilities,and I was inspired by how they and the whole company don’t let their disabilities hold them back! I really learned not to be discouraged or let something hold me back in


Olivia, Dance ArtWorks Apprentice (photo taken by Photography Apprentices)

dance or in life. I loved everybody’s positive attitudes and learning how to ride and move in the wheels chairs! -Olivia

As I walked into the Dancing Wheels studio, I was hesitant, nervous for new experience and excited for new friends. Once I saw Motion teaching hip-hop, I thought it was all over. I have no rhythm. Hip-hop is not my favorite style of dance, but Motion helped me understand how to move. Once we started to interact with the dancers with disabilities, I was amazed. They were keeping up with all standing dancers phenomenally. Some could retain better then I could. Then we tried getting in their shoes, or I should say chairs. The experience was eye opening and extremely fun. I am ecstatic I have that memory and anticipating the next visit to be just as great – Samantha

Sami, Dance ArtWorks Apprentice (photo taken by Photography Apprentices)

Samantha, Dance ArtWorks Apprentice (photo taken by Photography Apprentices)

So, please SAVE THE DATE! On December 14th at 7 PM, you can see the Dance Co-Op LIVE with Dancing Wheels at the Cleveland Museum of Art! It’s a performance that is not to be missed.