Theater Co-op in Slow Motion

March 27, 2014

This is a time-lapse video made by the Theatre co-op. The purpose of making this video was to concentrate on our movement. Because it’s a time-lapse video, the camera took a picture every two seconds, and then put them together in a film that was only about (x) seconds. We concentrated on each movement we made and anticipated the movements of each other without talking. We title our video “Battlefield!:Resurrection.” We do SLO-MO NINJA to gain the ability to anticipate each others actions non-verbally. In a similar way to improv, we didn’t completely plan the order and action in this video before doing it, so we were able to rely on each others actions and anticipate how the scene would progress forward.


Positive Vibes in Recording Arts Technology Co-op

March 18, 2014

Positive Vibes in Recording Arts Technology Co-op

The Recording Arts and Technology Co-op, also known as R.A.T, is where the beats are mixed and tracks are made. The students there create their own music—adding soundtracks, mixing vocals and sometimes just going a cappella. There are three studios in which they work, each blasting with their latest creation.
The positive vibe makes working with everyone easier and more fun. The Co-op also requires a lot of focus and dedication to your piece. It’s easy to get sidetracked, but a well worker knows that time is of the essence. Working on a song includes many parts—recording, adding music and professionalizing the sound, it’s hard to get everything done in a reasonable amount of time if you’re goofing off.
The R.A.T Co-op is unique just like all the others. They express themselves through music and collaborate with one another to constructively citizen each piece of work. Everyone works together to make sure another person’s art is done and done well. That is just one of the other things that make the R.A.T Co-op so special. Artwork’s Recording Arts and Technology Co-op is a job that mixes with pleasure.

ArtWorks Spring Theater

March 12, 2014

photo So! The Artworks openhouse was last week. I WAS SUPER DUPER EXCITED to show people what we do here! In case you couldn’t make it, I’m excited to give you a small taste of the things we have done in the theatre co-op thus far! We’ve been doing a lot of improv, and acting skills. Through this the people in my co-op have really gotten to be really close as friends, coworkers, and fellow artists and actors.


Artworks Theatre

A really cool place

to work, learn,

and participate

in acting, improv

working with tim

has been a great experience

I always love coming in

to work

with inspirational people

in a beautiful building too

I love artworks

how bout you?

Behind the Lens: Spring ArtWorks Photography

March 11, 2014

Hello, Photo ArtWorkians and their families! We hope you kept safe and warm during the (many) winter storms that have kept us all in.

IMG_0367Things at ArtWorks are heating up, even if the weather’s not. Shutters are clicking away and beautiful portraits are being taken. We are helping to make the Theatre Co-op portfolios show-ready by providing professional pictures for them to use for their future auditions. We were also able to take three fantastic field trips to the ICA, the Cleveland Print Room and Transformer Station. The Cleveland Print Room featured an exhibit on Vivian Maier, “Marry Poppins with a Camera”, who took over 100,000 pictures during her life time. We were also able to view a documentary about her life and saw a few of her photos on display. They were all very personal, as they exposed the people behind the city of Chicago. On February 13th, we were able to also go to the ICA, an organization that is dedicated to restoring damaged art. We saw an artist working on a mural that had been damaged by the weather. IMG_0392It almost looked like new! After that, we saw another exhibit on Hank Willis Thomas. He is a photographer that loves to stretch the boundaries of what a picture should be. All of his subjects are regularly put into various odd positions that make a statement. The show was very provocative, as we got to really examine how pictures influence culture. We now click away even more enthusiastically, as we are inspired by great photographers. Keep clicking ArtWorkians!

ArtWorks: Dance Co-Op

July 28, 2013
*Written by ArtWorks apprentices
The Dance co-op is on a verge of new, and exciting dance movements, being that sustainability is our theme, expressing how the environment,
and our bodies are connected. we show this using modern, ballet, and west African dance movement, and technique also using the art of poetry to bring a unique show:
“A Battle In the Night”
It’s a dream awakened by the human race
The destruction of the World slowly into oblivion.
It’s a Battle field
The booming death fires causing dark clouds,
Turning the world black
It becomes a tiresome home.
A death trap to those who wish
To abide, in the beauty it once had.
The earth’s night tears twinkling
For the human race to see.
Sometimes falling, hoping, waiting
For one to see the sadness it holds.
Swampy paths fill the roads
Over flowing the fossilized hope that
Beads through the wind. The slow
Peace of fire dancing through
The night air.
The moons illuminous face;
Eyes wide at the horrors it
Sees in the dark
Scared at the tortured man’s
Power has bestowed.
Cannons roaring, tears falling, the
Earth is crying out for help.
It’s a loud cry
As the majestic red wood
Falls slowly to the ground.
It’s the last hope for the world.
The day is done
As darkness seeps through the air.
Forcing man’s breathing tools to suffer
As we steadily play our mechanical songs
Preparing for battle
Not knowing there will be no victor.

ArtWorks: Sneaker Design Co-Op

July 23, 2013

*Post written by ArtWorks apprentices

photo (1)

Erius, a superhero with ghostly powers who fiercely protects his city

Our very first day of work, before we knew what sneaker design meant or even each others’ names, Van asked us to draw whatever we desired on a blank piece of paper. For some, this meant flowers or fancy initials; for the real artists in the room, though, it became so much more. Using only pencil, paper, and the depths of our imaginations, our co-op created an entire world and story. Set in futuristic Tokyo, our story chronicled the adventures of Erius, a superhero with ghostly powers who fiercely protects his city, and Cyrus, his technology-enhanced rodent nemesis. But unlike the typical superhero story, where the hero defeats the villain and gets the girl, Erius is forced to make a major sacrifice – his superpowers that have always defined him – to save the city that he loves so much. From here, our project only grew bigger.

photo (2)

Cyrus, Erius’s technology-enhanced rodent nemesis

Inspired by Erius’s sacrifice, the sneaker design co-op decided to take Erius from the paper and turn him into a real-life hero; a person who, no matter what sacrifices he or she must make, works tirelessly for the city of Cleveland. And though we searched all over for someone we felt strongly embodied Erius, it turns out that we didn’t even need to leave the Halle Building. Our Erius can be found working every day downstairs at the Susy’s Soup cart: Jeff Tickett. Jeff is no ordinary vendor; when you buy your lunch from him, it becomes more an experience than a transaction. He is one of the kindest, friendliest people you will ever get the chance to meet. photo (1) (1) The first time that each of us ordered food, he took the time to ask us our names, shake our hands, and try to learn more about us. First-time customers soon become regulars, and Jeff always knows their order. And not only does Jeff greet each customer with a wide smile and a conversation, but he also looks out for us in a way that we’ve never experienced before. If you come up a couple of cents short, which would normally force you to surrender your meal, Jeff has you covered. If you accidentally order the wrong food, Jeff will happily switch it out for you, even if you’re already at the register. If your credit card won’t work, Jeff will let you take your food with an IOU. Jeff truly has the kindest heart; he serves as a daily inspiration to us all.

At our Culminating Event on July 24, the sneaker design co-op plans to salute Jeff’s service and dedication to improving our city, one smile and bowl of soup at a time. We hope to present him with a special pair of custom sneakers featuring the character of Erius as a thank-you for all he has done for us.

ArtWorks Week 3: Game Design Co-Op

July 18, 2013

* Post by Team Chaotic Gaming: Josh Ferguson, Eli Kauffman, Savon Brooks, and Quincy Eweroke

20130703_114009 During the third week our group has been focusing on the final product for the course. Quincy has been working hard at making the terrains. He has added a lot of detail to the world we will be playing in such as a day and night cycle and different types of seasons. Eli is always coming up with new animations for our characters and new music for our game. He went from hating the game engine called Blender to becoming a master at everything it has to offer. Josh was creating our buildings for our city and is now diving in head first on animating our main character. Josh has come up with a new ways to make our main character funny and goofy. 20130703_113955 The character he has created defines what our game is about. Savon is working hard at creating characters and new ways of making this game incredible. We are ahead of schedule and we want to keep it that way.